The true alchemists do not change lead into gold, they change the world into words. – William H Gass

JLR – Freelance Content Writer and Blogger

Anybody can tell a story. The knack to quality content writing is telling a story well. One that showcases you and/or your brand. First impressions really do count and the content of your website, blog, newsletter or profile will be what peaks initial interest and reels the reader in so that they become totally hooked. It can serve as an incredibly powerful tool to educate your audience and raise awareness for your cause.

They say that content is King but creativity is Queen. Be it quirky, humorous or strictly business, it is imperative that it will appeal to your desired audience. Relationships of trust can be built through solid content. This should ultimately convert to revenue. Technology will always change but the need for good solid content shall persist. Words should never be wasted. Content should tell a pertinent story in as few words as possible.



Blogging for business, ghost blogging, guest blogging. According to Hubspot, 81% of companies find their blogs ‘useful’, ‘important’, or ‘critical’. It is an invaluable medium for creating awareness, promoting material and to engage readers.


Creating a newsletter that people will actually read is the trick.  It should be short, sweet, interesting and serve to boost your image. Great forum for links to websites and blogs. Email newsletters are easy to ‘forward’ and should include a compelling call to action.

Professional Profile/Bio

Imagine sitting across from someone and chatting for the first time. What impression do you wish to create? Business and personal profiles be it on LinkedIn, your About Me/Us Page or on any social media platform are critical. First impressions count and set the tone for future interactions.

Ebook lead magnets

An effective tool to use on your website as a sign up incentive, thereby increasing your data base. Use existing content from your web site or create fresh.

Web Content

What your website tells and shows people will decide whether they stay on your site or not. Make every word count! According to research by the Norman Nielson Group, if you have not generated interest in 59 seconds, chances are you probably aren’t going to. If you fall short on expectations and lack integrity, the reader will leave. If the site is complicated and the dialogue is too long, they will lose interest.


Check the readability, spelling, grammar and word usage of your work before it is published. Protect your business or brand and add value by ensuring that you produce correct, concise, clear and consistent written communication.

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